How to Listen to Zoom on AirPods

Zoom enables individuals to remain in contact with coworkers and students in order to perform work remotely, whether they are participating in a meeting, taking online classes, or conducting a workshop.

While Zoom is relatively simple to use, connecting AirPods to the video conferencing service is difficult for many users. This can become a significant issue, particularly if you use Zoom for commercial purposes.

We can assist if you have difficulties hearing Zoom through Airpods. Step-by-step instructions on connecting AirPods to Zoom on Windows or Mac.

How to Pair AirPods with Zoom

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To utilize Apple AirPods with Zoom, the earbuds must be configured under Zoom’s speaker and microphone settings. Zoom has distinct speaker and microphone device settings. Your Speaker will allow you to hear audio from the call, while your Microphone will allow you to communicate with other participants.

Here is how to pair AirPods with Zoom:

  • Launch the Zoom application.
  • Visit Settings
  • In the menu on the left, select Audio.
  • There will be a number of options for your AirPods under Speaker.
  • Select Headset from the pull-down option. (If you select “Headphones” rather than “Headset,” the microphone on your AirPods will not function properly.)
  • Select Headset under Microphone if you wish to utilize your AirPods as a microphone.

You should now be able to hear Zoom calls with AirPods. Click Test Speaker and Test Microphone before joining a meeting to ensure that your wireless earphones are functioning properly.

How to Attach USB Microphone to Zoom

You can utilize an external USB microphone in place of the AirPods’ internal microphone to greatly increase the sound quality of your speech during Zoom calls. Zoom allows users to configure two distinct audio devices, so you can continue to use your AirPods for listening and an external microphone for speaking.

  • Open the Speaker drop-down menu.
  • Choose Headphones
  • Open the drop-down selection for Microphone.
  • Select the USB microphone’s name.
  • Click Test Microphone to ensure that your voice can be heard.

Connecting AirPods to Zoom on a Mac

Connecting Airpods to Zoom meetings on a Mac is as straightforward as on a PC. Before beginning, disconnect your AirPods from any other devices to which they are connected. If your headphones are attached to many devices, there may be connectivity issues.

  • Connect the AirPods to your Macbook.
  • Initiate the Apple menu.
  • Navigate to the System Preferences.
  • Click the Bluetooth icon to verify that your AirPods are listed among the connected devices.
  • Launch the Zoom application.
  • Choose Audio.
  • Select your AirPods in the Speaker and Microphone section.

To grant Zoom access to your microphone, you must confirm that the proper permissions have been configured on your Mac. The macOS will now prompt you to grant Zoom permission to utilize your microphone. Zoom will not have access to your microphone if certain permissions are not granted. To do so, navigate to your system’s permissions and provide Zoom access to your microphone.

  • Select Apple from the options.
  • Choose System Preferences from the menu drop-down.
  • Select then Security & Privacy.
  • Select the Privacy option.
  • To unlock the configuration modifications, click the lock icon.
  • Select a Microphone.
  • Check the Zoom box to allow the app to access your microphone.

How to Evaluate AirPods for Zoom Calls

To ensure that everything is functioning properly, Zoom allows users to test their audio devices prior to joining a call. A pop-up window will open when you click the link to join a Zoom call.

  • Select the Join Computer Audio radio button.
  • Select Test speaker and microphone to verify that your AirPods are compatible with Zoom.
  • Zoom will test the speaker by playing a ringtone.
  • If you hear the ringtone, your AirPods are functioning properly.
  • Click No if you do not hear the tone, and Zoom will try a different device.
  • Continue pressing No until the tone is audible through your AirPods.

If this takes too long, you may find it quicker to access the drop-down menu and pick your AirPods without cycling through other devices.

  • After testing the speaker, Zoom will urge you to talk into your microphone.
  • Listen for a recording of what you just said.
  • If you are unable to hear the playback, press No and re-speak.
  • Listen till the repeat is heard.

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