What Size Longboard Should I Get for My Height

What Size Longboard Should I Get for My Height?

Choosing a longboard with the right size for the body is not an easy thing. Many people believe that height does not affect the size of the longboard. But they were utterly wrong. Your height will affect the size of the longboard you buy. So, what size longboard should I get for my height? Check it out below!

What Size Longboard Should I Get for My Height?

This is a question that many people who want to buy a longboard to start skating want an answer to. They always wondered and came up with many different theories on this issue. Today I will give you the most accurate answer.

You should choose a longboard size based on your height. If you are short, you should select longboards with a small size. On the contrary, when you have an incredible height of about 5’2″ or more, you should choose giant longboards.

The height of the player has a significant impact on the course of long skateboarding. It could be that the focus or control and posture of people of different heights are different.

I will give you some specific suggestions to help you choose the right longboard size for your height.

Micro Deck Longboard

It would help if you chose this long coupler with the size:

Width: 6.5 – 6.75

Length: 27.2″ – 27.6″.

This extra-small board is suitable for children under 5 years old and under 3’5″ in height. The size of this deck is suitable for people wearing size 3 or fewer shoes.

Mini Deck Longboard

This mini longboard has dimensions:

Width: 7.0

Length: 28

This size is perfect for kids ages 6 to 8. The ideal height for this skateboard size is 3’5″ to 4’4″. They usually have shoe sizes from 4 to 6.

Mid-size Deck Longboard

The mid-size longboard is larger than the previous two types of boards. Its specific dimensions are:

Width: 7.3″

Length: 29″

The size of this longboard is very suitable for people with a height from 4’5″ to 5’2″. And they are people between the ages of 9 and 12 with shoe sizes of 7-8.

Full-size Deck Longboard

This is the most giant-sized board with a board width over 7.5 inches, length over 32″. This board is suitable for all people over 5’3″.

Those with shoe sizes greater than 9 work well on this deck of the longboard.

If you are one of them, do not hesitate to choose this longboard.

Why Does My Height Affect My Longboard Choice?

Many people wonder when choosing a skateboard. They need to pay attention to the height. But this is an issue that you need to be aware. Here are the most valid reasons that we want to share with you.

Height Decides Center Of Center Of Skateboarders

The first, and I’m sure it’s true, is that height can change the center of gravity of the body when skating. If you are a tall guy or a girl, you will have a higher center of gravity than shorter people.

Bann could feel this clearly when he saw a tall person and a short person skateboard together. Short people have a low center of gravity, making it easier to balance.

Therefore, tall and have a high center of gravity will have to use longboards that are larger and more stable. That way, they can have good control over all activities while sliding.

If you are a tall person, you should choose a longboard. On the contrary, when you are a short person, you should choose a shorter board.

Height Affects Your Feet

The foot is one of the essential parts when playing long veins. It helps you maintain better balance on the longboard. It even affects stability when the longboard moves.

Perhaps tall people tend to have larger feet than short people. Height and foot size can be proportional. This is not the case, but most people do.

And of course, the size of the foot also affects the size of the longboard. You have to make sure your longboard deck is expansive enough for your feet to be able to stand and perform tricks. In addition, the longboard deck needs to be wide enough for you to perform many operations comfortably.

If the board is too narrow for your feet, you will quickly fall off the skateboard or have difficulty performing tricks. Maneuvering the flexible plank will also become a relatively complex problem.

In some cases, you can even touch the ground or fall, leading to injury.

So when you are taller than others, pay attention to your feet. If you have a large foot, you need a more extended board size. Make sure the deck width matches your feet.

On the contrary, choose a longboard that is smaller in size and suitable for small feet and short height.


From our analysis above, you must have seen that height affects the choice of longboard size. It would be best if you depended on your measurements to make the correct choice of longboard size. Hopefully, through our sharing, you can choose the most suitable longboard!

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