How to Buy and Sell Used Cars for Profit

How to Buy and Sell Used Cars for Profit

The best way to start your buy and sell used cars for profit business is to pick your niche. I highly recommend the transportation car arena, good reliable clean used cars sell fast and easy from $1700 to $3500. Now that you know what your going to be selling you know what to look for and what to market to get.

Chasing classified ads is for the amateur and can be competitive, buying cars at auction is very dangerous and rarely ends with a good result.

Place a cars wanted advertisement. Write a short description of the car or lack of it and include as much photos of the vehicle available as possible. Try not to make it to technical or mechanical errors. If you can prove letters or missed parts, that would be good.

Place all photos and verges on the classified ads until you get some hits. Re-list the car and wait for perhaps 30 days or longer. Consider your responses. When you do get some hits, you should Fog before you buy. Never buy without doing some research or having test drive.

Catch and try the calls before they get too serious. Find out how they got in contact with you and find out what their name is. Write a cover letter explaining that you are interested in buying the car and that you will call them when you drive the car. If they do not answer or they choose to make a cranky face. Walk away. No matter what they say, they are not serious. The serious ones will wanting to talk about detail.

You should also call the other side of the phone to find out if they have a car you want. Most likely they do and they will want to do a bang up job on it. If not, wait and try again later.

When you answer the phone, find out what he or she has on there. Some sellers are not that honest and will lie to get out of having to send the car to their leasers. When you get there, find the car neat and clean. Now you may be asking for a few things. If the seller is not honest, make a note of what needs to be fixed on the car. Have a shop do a tune up for the car and find out which is need or not.

How to buy used cars using online classifieds:

With the online classifieds it is easy to list cars for sale. You have pictures to help youize, and detailed information. Most of the time you use good judgment, and your available cash is an indication of how clean a car you will be. Once you find a couple that you think will work out well, arrange to test drive the car. Now, if the internet told you that the car you thought was stolen and you cannot find the car, you should be fine. It is what’s best. However, if the car is in the middle of a small parking lot, it is concerning.

You should already have done your research on the car. You should see what similar vehicles are selling for on eBay or at the lot for. Many times you will find that a car has been purchased just by someone flipping on the VIN# on the windshield and it has sold for several hundred dollars less than you are asking. When you see the price, you should print some crude ads and drop the ad about the car in there.

Now that you have the price you are willing to ask for, you need to add the buyers fees on top of the price. The buyers fee is the fee that the seller expects you to pay, such as 5% or 12% of the car’s value. With that already added to the price, you can see your bottom line and target price. You will need to keep that price within reason. Here is an example; if you can afford to offer around $17,000 or so, do it. If you are willing to go up to $30,000, find a car that either falls in your price range, or is similar to one that you have seen advertised for. When in doubt, keep your price around your maximum.

With either price, you are now ready to talk to the seller. Now, they are nothing but just trying to make a fast buck or are just plain clueless. Whatever you do, stay sober. If the price is too high, just say no and move on. The most important thing to remember is that you have the everything to fall through if you buy a lemon. fall through the– loopholes, exclusions, etc.

The most important thing is to always, always, always be prepared. Shopping for a used car online is the best way to find a good deal and have a hope of finding the best car to your liking.


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