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Auto Shipping

Auto Shipping

Welcome to Safe Cargo Auto Transport. We are an auto shipping broker who specializes in transporting vehicles. Our database includes auto shippers from all across the country. Whether you’re looking to ship a car, SUV, motorcycle, truck, or any other vehicle, we will find you a reputable and insured car shipping company for all your car shipping needs. We understand that auto shipping can be very stressful or even overwhelming. Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible.

Auto Shipping

Auto Shipping Carrier

“I have used Safe Cargo Auto Transport 3 separate times now over the past 3 years and every time, Jamie has not only remembered me but, given me the best customer service. Every time I move and need to re ship my car, he’s the first person I call. He’s always been able to get me the best price and a great time frame to take/receive my car. I am blown away each time when I get my car back and, it looks just like it did when it left me. I would absolutely recommended his service to anyone needing their car shipped. He helps you every step of the way from pick up to delivery to make sure that you are completely happy. Thank you for doing such a great job Jamie! I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again soon!”
– Lea


Call us at 877-285-4708 and here is what you can expect for your auto shipping quote experience


  • One Auto Shipping Quote
  • No Spam
  • First name only
  • Auto shipping quote given over the phone within minutes
  • No high pressure sales tactics



Safe Cargo Auto Transport does not require any deposit on your auto transport until we have an auto shipper scheduled. Why? It’s simple. We feel that since we don’t have a car transport company for you once you place your order, then you shouldn’t have to pay any money. Would you give your travel agent hundreds of dollars if there was no flight headed to your destination? In fact, one of our two levels of auto shipping services allows you to not even pay anything until your vehicle has been delivered.  You must agree to the estimated auto shipping schedule before we take any money.  This is just a small amount to secure a spot for your auto shipping needs.


“I am a car dealer that sells low mile hummer h2’s,most of my cars are sold out of state, it could really be a bad situation getting the cars transported, most brokers are unreliable, quote you low prices but don’t deliver,and the car could sit for weeks, I have used safe cargo transport over 20 times, Jamie the owner is honest , reliable and gives you a price that gets the car picked up and delivered in a timely fashion, he’s a true professional that arranges everything from soup to nuts , if I need a car delivered he’s the only person I call , thanks again Jamie and safe cargo transport for getting the job done.”   – Evan P.

We know that there are a lot of brokers out there in the auto shipping industry that aren’t up front with how the industry works. Our goal is to answer all of your auto shipping questions and concerns and give you as much information as you need to make this process as smooth as possible. Not all routes are good, not all vehicles transports are inexpensive to ship and not all cars will be picked up quickly or on time. Safe Cargo Auto Transport was set up on the principle of communicating to you exactly what’s going on and what you can expect.

Auto Shippers

Auto Shippers

Are you looking for reliable auto shippers?  Well look no further.  Safe Cargo auto Transport is the answer to your question about “what auto shippers should we use.”  Our goal is to make shipping your automobile a smooth and effortless process.  We aim to provide you with the best service possible while educating you on the auto shipper’s process.

No matter where you want to have your car shipped, we can help.  As auto shippers, we shipped nationally.  Whether car is the latest hybrid, a vintage dream car or a dump truck, we are experienced auto shippers and can answer all your questions.

When you’re initially dealing with auto shippers it is important to find out about any hidden charges, delivery locations available and insurance issues.  Some shipping companies will not deliver your automobile to your home.  They will only deliver it to a central location terminal.  If it is necessary to have it delivered to your home, you need to communicate this and make sure it’s in writing. Safe Cargo Auto Transport has built a great reputation as auto shippers and part of that is due to being upfront and having no hidden charges.  As leading auto shippers, we make sure you know what is in your contract and enjoying dealing with our valuable customers in an upfront manner.  Insurance is another point that you want to make sure to bring up when dealing with your auto shippers.  The company you deal with should be fully insured as well and this should be of no extra cost to you.

Safe Cargo Auto Transport wants to be your lifetime auto shippers partner.  We know how valuable your automobile is to you and will ensure its safe delivery to where ever you choose.  We have built a solid reputation in the industry.  Please call us today at 877-285-4708 and let us know how we can help you!

Auto Transport

Auto Transport

Are you looking for a reliable auto transport company?  Look no further than Safe Cargo Auto Transport.  They take you through the steps of shipping your automobile quickly and transparently.  From getting free quotes at the start, to the final delivery of your vehicle, they take all the guess work out of shipping your auto transport.

Call us here at Safe Cargo Auto Transport for a free quote with no obligation.  If you decide to use us as your auto transport company, we will take you through the process and let you know how the entire transaction will work.

A truck will be chosen for your transport and you will be given the driver’s information so you and the driver can discuss the pick-up details. You will need to give the driver the date of the pick-up.  The auto transport company will let you know the approximate time, but only the driver can set a definite time, so it is imperative that you get the driver’s information.

When it comes to the day of auto transport, the driver will arrive and will inspect your automobile with you present.  This is to record any existing damage on you automobile for insurance purposes.  You want to have a record of what damage already existed, if any, so you can be sure it didn’t happen during the auto transport. Your car is insured for any damages that might occur during transport by the shipping company.  After this inspection is completed, your car will be loaded and the driver will get on his way.

Your auto transport could take a day or up to a couple of weeks depending on how far your delivery destination is.  Many companies offer tracking so this is something that needs to be discussed on the front side.  When your vehicle is delivered, it will be inspected again for any damages that may have occurred during shipping.